Big men of all kinds used to rule the land of professional wrestling. "The Land of the Giants" it was called. They were all shapes and sizes but were all categorized as big men. Nowadays, heftier men in wrestling are referred to as "Big Guys". They deal with many types of criticism and sometimes are not always used correctly, are misjudged, or used as jokes. However, today we get to chat with a big man in the industry today and hear his story and how hes treated as a big guy in wrestling. He elaborates on the work of big men and the views and how they are treated or mistreated. This is a very interesting podcast as we get to speak on this subject with non other than Impact star Ace Romero. If you know Ace, you know he's not afraid to vent. This one was eye opening and fun to listen too. Also, congratulate this man on the amazing changes hes making in his health! We root for you Ace, keep going dude!

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Welcome back for the reunion episode part 2! We wrap up the fun with fixed audio and delightful games which get everyone squirming. Insightful topics are spoken about as well as Jamie being the hero and defending some of New Englands best!.


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Happy Anniversary!! Truth, Justice, and the New England Pro Wrestling Way has reached its first year of podcasting and we have no one to thank other than the fans for continuing to listen in and show appreciation for what we do now. This episode we revisit a returning guest for the first time in history. Former owner of Chaotic Wrestling Jamie Jamitkowski as he answers his critics and the many accusations toward him and how he ran Chaotic Wrestling. We also will discuss life after wrestling and if its something any participant will want to return too. Jamie is a house of fire in episode 29! Oh and did I mention, its a two part episode?

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Managers in wrestling use to wear many hats. From managing talent bookings and room, to doing promos for wrestlers, to wrestling them selves. We have already gained the perspective of one Manager from New England, now we explore a new take from one of the most outlandish, outspoken, blunt individuals of New England Pro Wrestling, this man goes by the moniker "The Manager of Champions", his name is Sean Gorman. He has managed many talent in New England, some of which have gone on to WWE, TNA, ROH and more. All his talent have held multiple championships and now he will open his book on what its like to manage in New England. We expand on the subject as well as share opinions of the current product, why people refuse to get "real heat", his opinion on other managers and promoters and more. We discuss the late DC Dillinger and some fun stories from his days on the road. If anyone knows Sean Gorman, they know this man pulls no punches. Tune in to hear what he has to say!

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We see it all the time; one person meets another, they experience a connection, they realize they can't be away from one another, they fall in love, they start knocking boots, a kid gets involved so on and so forth! How does this work in professional wrestling. This week our guests are the two hosts from "The Homewrecker Podcast". Two people who have vast experience in New England Pro Wrestling and are now married with 3 kids! Ladies and gentleman please welcome this week Alex Arion and Monique as we discuss what it is like to be a couple here in New England Pro Wrestling. We talk about the possible trials and tribulations of being a couple in a sport that is so independent. We talk about whether being together can affect someones success or not, or whether or not that success was possible without one another. We get to hear who Alex and Monique hate in wrestling and some fun stories in between! Here on Truth, Justice, & The New England Pro Wrestling Way!

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Exclusive!!! For the first time ever, an interview was conducted by Julian Starr and Matt Spectro aka Tarzan Taylor, with a man who has never spoke publicly about the business he has been running for years. A promotion that made waves in New England then attacked many other states there after. A promotion that possessed a TV deal and really stood out from many other New England promotions. Ladies and gentleman, our guest for episode 26 is none other, than owner and promoter of "Big Time Wrestling", Steve Perkins. Steve admits to never talking shop with anyone publicly about the dealings of "Big Time Wrestling". This is a new edition of "The Man Behind The Curtain" as we jump into the behind the scenes of how Steve Perkins got into business with previous owner Terry Allen, how he made adjustments to his business to start making money on shows, plus we hear about a run in with Julian Starr and Big Time Wrestling and why a business relationship never happened. Hear it here first on Truth, Justice, & The New England Pro Wrestling Way!!

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We sent out a request, we got the answers, and now on episode 25, we crown the TOP 10 BEST NEW ENGLAND WRESTLERS OF ALL TIME (VOTED BY NEW ENGLAND WORKERS OF ALL TYPES). Our guest on episode 25 isn't just one man. This task was too much for a team of two or even a team of three. We enlisted the best of the best from podcast land to help us distribute this list verbally to the people. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome back the group who tried to hijack this episode, THE WRESTLING PODCAST ABOUT NOTHING CAST (WPAN); Michael Crockett, Ring of Honor star Brian Milonas, and New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Brian Fury. As we combine out podcasting efforts to share this well developed list of stars who made a name for them selves right here in jolly ol' New England. We sent out a blank ballet to as many NE Wrestlers past and present on their opinions of who the top 10 wrestler of NE were. Once voted, we tallied up the total votes and came to a final decision! Today we unveil the decision! Tune in for out first every Skype call with the WPAN to hear about the greats of New England!

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Your eyes and ears do not deceive you! This is a weekly release! Episode 24 is available NOW. A very fun episode as we sit down with New England Pro Wrestler, Tyler Cintron; as he discusses what it is like to wrestle from the other side of the states and transitioning into the hot bed of professional wrestling. Cintron has been around for about 8 years and has wrestled in places like Denver, Vegas, and Utah. He made the jump to come to New England cause he had heard of the successes of the area. He wanted to test his metal and now he is here to enlighten us on the differences of wrestling on the west coast vs the east coast....specifically New England. He shares many entertaining stories about his career in pro wrestling, answer the fantastic 4 and more!

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Hello Fans of podcasts everywhere and fans of Truth, Justice & The New England Pro Wrestling Way,

We here want to wish everyone safe days and happiness through these trying times as we deal with the massive pandemic here in our home country and specifically New England. Right now, sources of entertainment are limited; with the loss of Independent pro wrestling and fan-less pro wrestling on TV, we feel we have the duty to deliver an alternate source of entertainment to New England wrestling fans or even wrestling fans around the world. For the first time ever, we will NOT have a guest on. We will however use these struggling times to have a little fun and try something new. Tarzan Taylor aka Matt Spectro and Julian Starr take it upon them selves to watch and review a 5 different matches from the New England Pro Wrestling scene. Picked at random, we chose 5 companies and watched one match from said company and reviewed them, LIVE! We decided to watch and record simultaneously to allow genuine reactions to certain things and give our take on each match. Plus we have a BUNCH of fan questions to answer. I hope people enjoy this. So with that, please leave some feedback whether this was good, bad, dry, funny, etc. Feedback helps us decide whats good and whats not. 

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Chikara houses many types of characters in pro wrestling. One of those characters is out guest on today's episode. He is a beast in the ring and a loud mouth outside the ring. A man who is not afraid to share his opinions. Welcome our guest, Chikara's own, Max Smashmaster! In episode 22, we decided to get away from format and just chat. Chat about different things in New England Pro Wrestling. Subjects like wrestlers not working full time jobs, to characters in wrestling, to the dreaded topic of Tarzan Taylor aka Matt Spectro; intergender wrestling. We discuss and share many opinions on many matter and of course, we hear who Smashmaster actually hates in pro wrestling. Another amazing guest, great interview and entertaining listen. Please leave any feedback to help us make this a better experience for you.

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