Chikara houses many types of characters in pro wrestling. One of those characters is out guest on today's episode. He is a beast in the ring and a loud mouth outside the ring. A man who is not afraid to share his opinions. Welcome our guest, Chikara's own, Max Smashmaster! In episode 22, we decided to get away from format and just chat. Chat about different things in New England Pro Wrestling. Subjects like wrestlers not working full time jobs, to characters in wrestling, to the dreaded topic of Tarzan Taylor aka Matt Spectro; intergender wrestling. We discuss and share many opinions on many matter and of course, we hear who Smashmaster actually hates in pro wrestling. Another amazing guest, great interview and entertaining listen. Please leave any feedback to help us make this a better experience for you.

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You wanted it!? YOU GOT IT!! The fans voted and we delivered! This week's guest on episode 20 is none other than Sweatboy! This is a straight up interview that the fans voted for on the Truth, Justice, & The New England Pro Wrestling Way Facebook. We cover it all from his origin in pro wrestling, to how he got his name, "Sweatboy", to his most hated in New England wrestling, to fan questions. Enjoy this interview. You wanted it!

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Have you ever wondered how well siblings get along in Pro Wrestling? If they are on the same page or see it differently? Do they both want to succeed or are they competitive? Well hear the interesting story of how "The Milonas Brothers" dealt with their kinship in a dog eat dog world of New England Pro Wrestling. Our guests are the Playboy Jimmy James Milonas and ROH Superstar, one half of ROH's "The Bouncers", and co host of the WPAN Podcast, Brian Milonas. They divulge the inner workings of their brotherhood in pro wrestling and how well they worked but didn't work together, how coordination worked but didn't work, and if they had each others back or each had to learn the ropes. The fantastic 4 allows us to figure out who "The Milonas Brothers" hate the most! This was a super fun one to record, I hope you all enjoy!

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Are you glad wrestling has evolved in New England? Or do you wish it stayed the same as you remember? On episode 18, we sit down with New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer Sonny Goodspeed as we discuss the differences between wrestling "Then vs Now". We dabble in the main product as well as New England wrestling and the differences in getting booked, finding a gear maker, the wrestling matches, the wrestlers, keeping kayfabe and more! Plus we run the fantastic four with Sonny and MUCH MORE!! Host Tarzan Taylor aka Matt Spectro will not be in attendance for this one BUT listen in to hear who we got to take his place for one time only!! This round table discussion is entertaining, informative and fun to listen too. Have at it and please enjoy the show!!

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New Years brings new beginnings; that includes pro wrestling careers. This episode we sit down with an individual who has recently gained popularity and started taking off in his pro wrestling career here in New England. He started working for some of the most popular promotions in New England like Beyond Wrestling, Limitless Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling and more. This individual just loves to have a good time and is willing to share his new age opinion on the state of pro wrestling in New England today; our guest on this episode, CJ Cruz! We go in depth on the beginnings of his career and how he got the ball rolling. We also jump into the current state of wrestling in New England, talk about "indy-rific", intergender wrestling and more! As always the fantastic 4 where we get a vibrant opinion on an individual, but who?? Tune in to find out!

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We take a look back on our first year as a podcast and talk about the top 5 most downloaded episodes of our podcast. We also revisit the host's first matches EVER along with their first opponents and guests - "Big Daddy" Dave Walker and Jojo Chatigny aka Chuck Norris Nugent. This was a lot of fun and a great listen and I hope the fans enjoy when Julian and Tarzan run each other through...THE FANTASTIC 4!!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Boy do we have a present for you! It's a subject we have been wanting to talk about for some time and now we finally can. Tag Team wrestling is an intricate art. There is a lot that goes into making a successful tag team and having good, believable, and fun matches. In episode 15 we sit down with long time New England tag team Nightbreed. Sethoran and Gallo open up one how they began their run as a tag team; within their history, break down the inner workings of tag team wrestling. We also discuss what goes through the head of a wrestler during a tag match, how its structured, and the constant awareness you must have in the moment. Nightbreed shares their opinion on some of the top tag teams of today's New England wrestling scene and we dive deep into the fantastic 4 questions and find out that some of the people that New England pro wrestling's competitors revere, are not quite what they seem. Much more here on T,J,& NE,P,W,W.

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(Apologies for audio issues - not sure what happened)

New England Pro Wrestling is some of the best Pro Wrestling on the earth today. There are many companies to learn about and today, we learn of another. Our guest on episode 14 is a man who has been a part of pro wrestling for about 20 years now. This man who is a co owner and booker for one of New England's pro wrestling companies Lucky Pro Wrestling, his name is Chris Sullivan. In another segment of "The Man Behind The Curtain", we with with Chris and discuss how Lucky Pro Wrestling came to be and how its current status is maintained. We discuss the talent he books, the money he budgets, how they gain their help and equipment and much more!! Plus, Chris gladly shares who he hates in the F4 questions, Julian tries at trivia again and some fun stories along the way.

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Do you know who he is!? Well get a pen and pad and write this down you dummies! Our guest on episode 13 is none other than New England Pro Wrestling's best entertainer, the man who can say with confidence he drew money and fans, a man Julian Starr believes to be one of the most influential people of New England Pro Wrestling. His name is Mark Shurman and THAT'S SHURMAN WITH A U AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!! He joins the hosts in a round table discussion about what it actually takes to get over in pro wrestling today. Some will argue wrestling and being a good wrestler. Some will argue being a relatable character with good promo skill. Much will be spoken about as Shurman finds out why Tarzan quit booking for wrestling, our opinions on the landscape of wrestling in 2019, the F4 questions and more!

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