Guess who's back? Back again.....Truth and Justice, tell a friend! Episode 40 is here and ready for your entertainment. Our guest is a man whos been apart of the business for almost 15 years but not as a pro wrestler. This man has done production, time keeping, ring announcing, commentary, worked for ROH, and more! He is the jack of all trades, please welcome, Caleb Seltzer as we discuss his career within wrestling in New England. He dives into what happened between PWF/NECW merger back in the day, his stint in ROH, what his asperations were and how the New England All Star Wrestling brand got started. This man is focused on his job 24/ 365. Now for the first time, he sits down and shares his thoughts. Tune in for this detailed story of a young wrestling fan entering the business. 


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Welp, Julian Starr was made into a liar as we return for EPISODE 39! Our guess is a man who radiates power from wearing tassels! That's right, our guess is non other than Mikey Webb! We sit down with Webb and discuss his wresting career as a whole and listen to stories from his beginnings, his middles, and his stint with ROH. We also learn what's next for Mikey Webb's Pro Wrestling future! As well as expand on the future of the podcast. Tune in as always for more Truth, Justice, & The New England Pro Wrestling Way!

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Tarzan had some news to deliver next episode, what does the future hold for Truth, Justice, and The New England Pro Wrestling Way?

Anthony Catena is a pro wrestler of New England, but not from New England. If you do not know this man, know that the word controversy follows him. He is our guest on Episode 37 as we speak about his career in pro wrestling. We discuss why he has a habit of being kicked out of many establishments. "The 6 Tool Product" Anthony Catena is a very candid and open person and is not afraid to share his opinion. Plus we address some claims from past episodes about him. Let's hear his take on how pro wrestling should be.


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The 90s were some of the worst and best wrestling in history. Creating some memorable characters and changing the culture and outlook of pro wrestling forever. Today, the 90s of pro wrestling are still referred to by some as the greatest era in wrestling; but what was pro wrestling like in the New England area at this time? We sit down with a man who wrestled the entire era from beginning to end. The man to expand on the subject would be one Johnny Royal as we discuss his career in New England and how the 90s compared from the beginning to the transition of mainstream wrestling into "The Attitude Era". Did wrestling change a lot locally? What were the attitudes like? Did the match styles change? Were backyarders starting to surface? Listen to veteran Johnny Royal open the eyes to the past and help us live this iconic era in wrestling. 


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Episode 35 we  remove the typical format and shoot for the stars as we sit down with long time New England Pro Wrestler, Adam Booker. We discuss his career in pro wrestling along with his exits. We hear about some tragedies he had in his personal life and what the future holds. In the mist of all this, we relate his experiences in comparison to today's New England pro wrestling scene. Adam Booker was an outstanding guest, a VERY real person. This episode was named properly due to the fact this interview was simply remarkable!


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Pro wrestling in New England has changed in many ways; from its training to its match structures, things are constantly evolving. How much would you say it has evolved? Well we sit down with guest, New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer Johnny Vegas as we discuss his journey in pro wrestling here in New England and touch upon the differences from yesteryear to today. Johnny Vegas is on of the nicest human beings you will ever met and his insight is unmatched. Listen to his interesting beginnings all the way to his spot on Television for a major company. Listen about how things were back then when it came to getting a school for training, booking, wrestling, "working" and more! Have fun, tell us what you think here!


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Leo Connors is a devoted fan to professional wrestling all around. He does what he can to contribute to the New England Pro Wrestling scene. He has catered food multiple times, sold merchandise at many shows, and just like Julian Starr and Tarzan Taylor aka Matt Spectro, he hosts his own show talking to pro wrestlers from New England. Here to share and relate his experiences to running such shows on episode 33 is Leo Connors. Such an open book as he pulls no punches or truths behind running his multiple YouTube shows about pro wrestling, cooking, sports and more. We discuss the difficulty in getting a guest, getting through interviews, scheduling and more. Leo lets it rip as we play one of his own games... "The Name Game" with Leo himself. If you want a nice two hour podcast about some dude shooting the sh..poop about pro wrestling talk shows. YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!!

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Gimmicks and characters are what wrestling was built on; what made it the entertainment business it is today. When a gimmick goes on too long, sometimes it can get stale or played out. What do you do when your character has lost its steam? Give up? Create a brand new character? Should you evolve your current one? Well in episode 32 we explore that exact option with one of New England's most successful competitors. This man has gone on to do bigger and better things in the pro wrestling world! Here to share his opinion AND be the prime example of character evolution, Handsome Johnny aka Warbeard Hanson, aka Ivar! This man has had such an incredible journey and now he shares how we got to this point. We chat about the importance of evolution of a character and ways to approach it. Let's peel back the curtain and dive into the details with New England's own; Handsome Johnny aka Warbeard Hanson, aka Ivar!

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Big men of all kinds used to rule the land of professional wrestling. "The Land of the Giants" it was called. They were all shapes and sizes but were all categorized as big men. Nowadays, heftier men in wrestling are referred to as "Big Guys". They deal with many types of criticism and sometimes are not always used correctly, are misjudged, or used as jokes. However, today we get to chat with a big man in the industry today and hear his story and how hes treated as a big guy in wrestling. He elaborates on the work of big men and the views and how they are treated or mistreated. This is a very interesting podcast as we get to speak on this subject with non other than Impact star Ace Romero. If you know Ace, you know he's not afraid to vent. This one was eye opening and fun to listen too. Also, congratulate this man on the amazing changes hes making in his health! We root for you Ace, keep going dude!

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