July 15, 2020

Episode 32 - Handsome Johnny - Evolving Characters

Gimmicks and characters are what wrestling was built on; what made it the entertainment business it is today. When a gimmick goes on too long, sometimes it can get stale or played out. What do you do when your character has lost its steam? Give up? Create a brand new character? Should you evolve your current one? Well in episode 32 we explore that exact option with one of New England's most successful competitors. This man has gone on to do bigger and better things in the pro wrestling world! Here to share his opinion AND be the prime example of character evolution, Handsome Johnny aka Warbeard Hanson, aka Ivar! This man has had such an incredible journey and now he shares how we got to this point. We chat about the importance of evolution of a character and ways to approach it. Let's peel back the curtain and dive into the details with New England's own; Handsome Johnny aka Warbeard Hanson, aka Ivar!

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