July 1, 2020

Episode 31 - Ace Romero - Big Guys in New England

Big men of all kinds used to rule the land of professional wrestling. "The Land of the Giants" it was called. They were all shapes and sizes but were all categorized as big men. Nowadays, heftier men in wrestling are referred to as "Big Guys". They deal with many types of criticism and sometimes are not always used correctly, are misjudged, or used as jokes. However, today we get to chat with a big man in the industry today and hear his story and how hes treated as a big guy in wrestling. He elaborates on the work of big men and the views and how they are treated or mistreated. This is a very interesting podcast as we get to speak on this subject with non other than Impact star Ace Romero. If you know Ace, you know he's not afraid to vent. This one was eye opening and fun to listen too. Also, congratulate this man on the amazing changes hes making in his health! We root for you Ace, keep going dude!

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